Tuesday, February 15, 2011

** Happy Valentine's Day **

Michael and I had SOOO much fun last night! We sure love each other SOOO much and love celebrating how much we love each other - we splurged and even got a baby sitter! He came home with these beautiful flowers - I LOVE FLOWERS!!! It was filled with roses, star gazer lilies, and beautiful greens! ** He also wrote me the sweetest love letter -

This is where we had our wedding luncheon - we can never get enough of Joy Luck! We shared Tangerine Chicken and Almond Shrimp. Delicious!!

Shoes, shoes, shoes! Thank you, Michael - we went to the Gateway after dinner, window shopped and got a few things for the both of us. We love getting each other presents and surprises!! (maybe a little too much . . . )

This is the Valentine's Card Chelsea and I made for Daddy!! Isn't she cute??

Here's us waiting at Joy Luck! We LOVE love and hope that you know how much we LOVE you!!

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