Monday, March 25, 2013

Home, Sweet, Home

We are finally moving in to our new home! After 10 months my in-laws house is finished and they have moved into their new home that is just a few blocks north of ours. We closed on their home last May and they were supposed to move out into a home they were under contract with 3 days after we moved in but as we were loading the moving trucks they got a phone call telling them that the sellers had decided not to sell. They were homeless! The endless search began and they decided to try to find a new home. After so much looking they happened upon a new development on 400 N. in Bountiful. So, although they had never dreamed of building a brand new home, that is what happened. And they couldn't be more grateful! They have their perfect home and now we have ours. For the last 10 months they have been occupying the upstairs and we the downstairs. And you know what, it wasn't all that bad. It just would've been easier with a bathroom in the basement, that is, with a newly potty-trained 3-year-old and a 4 months pregnant body of mine. Although, we can be grateful for the extra exercise.

Now, the fun begins! We are wanting to paint, revamp the laundry room, do some landscaping, and make this house our own. We've already found curtains for the kitchen and Michael got me a gorgeous chair from Pier 1 Imports (pictured below) to go in the living room:

It is a rare opportunity to live in the house you grew up in. Michael and his father have done tons of amazing wood work to this home (a custom train around the kitchen, cabinets, trim, etc.) that I am excited to keep the tradition going and finish what they started. We have plans to redo the fireplace and put wood planks on our master bedroom wall. I want to keep you posted with before and afters! It may take us years to get to all the things we want to do but I am pretty sure we are going to be here that long, plus some!! This is such a wonderful place to live and we love the people. I am so excited to fill this home (and this blog) with memories of our experiences here at our new home, sweet, home!