Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What's been going on at the Gibbons' home?

Guess what!?! All my girls are asleep for the night, yes, it is only 7:49 pm. This is saying a lot for our little family since last night it took until 11:30 pm for all of them to finally go to bed (we started putting them to bed at 7:30). Why is this happening, you ask? Because we just got back from the funnest vacation we've ever taken as a family and some nights we didn't get even back to our hotel until 11:30 pm! We spent the last week in California going to the Beach, Sea World, the San Diego Zoo, Old Town, Hollywood & DISNEYLAND! Oh my goodness, was it a BLAST! Here's a little bit of what we did:

We started out the trip by going to Sea World. I'd never been before and it was a BLAST! I already want to go back. We love seeing the Dolphins, Sea Otters, and Shamu (to name a few). But, Chelsea's favorite part about Sea World was that there was a Sesame Street Land - they had Elmo and Grouch rides - here's a vid of Chelsea during one of their shows:

The souvenir we got for Chelsea at Sea World was a stuffed Shamu! When she first got it she wouldn't let it go of it and kept making it jump while saying, "Jump, jump, jump." It was so cute! Right after we gave it her we introduced her to Shamu . . . if you've never seen Shamu in person, she is HUGE!!! Now every time Chelsea sees her stuffed Shamu, before she hugs it, she Roars! I think it really scared her at first.

We had so many good pictures from our trip that I decided to do a slideshow of the pics. We had such an amazing time as a family! We came back rejuvenated, filled with more love than ever for each other! Thanks also to Bob, Liz, Maddie, Jim, Mimi, Papa, Megan, Luke, Brocko, Sophie, Guy, Nannies (Happy Birthday), and Aubrea for also making this such an Amazing vacation!

And presenting . . .

I know it's been 4 1/2 months since my babies were born, but I wanted to show you my husband's handiwork . . . He took the pictures AND designed the birth announcement. I sure love these girls so much!