Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Success! Success! Success!

Potty training success, that is! We will venture into day 3 tomorrow but here's how many successes we've had in the past two days. I'm so proud of my Chelsea Rose! That's 23 successes everybody. She is a champ.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

We are here, we are here, we are here!


Hello, let us reintroduce ourselves. We are The Family Gibbons: Daddy, Mommy, Chelsea, Lucie, and Lily. Chelsea will be 3 years old in November and my twins are already 1 1/2 years old! We had a major computer crash at the beginning of the year and we are just barely reinstalling some of the programs that make blogging easy (iPhoto among them). Now, why didn't we reinstall these lovely programs earlier? Well, we've been in the process of moving since January. Now, when I say process there are certain steps to selling, buying, and moving. First you must de-clutter your home. When we did this we "cleaned house." Which means we took everything out besides beds, a tv, kitchen table, and a few couches; we wanted our house to show well. Which it did. Most of our neighbors thought we had moved long before we did because they couldn't see anything on the walls. Then when we finally found a buyer the process of last minute fixes to bunches of paper work began = busy, busy. Our house finally closed, we moved our belongings to Michael's parents' house and then flew to New York for about a week! We came home to an entirely new living situation. We have now purchased Michael's parents' home (we love it) and they are waiting to move into a home they are building in Bountiful. In the meantime, we haven't had great access to our belongings. I set up our computer about a month ago and found our camera recently, too. So, let the blogging begin (again)! I know the three of you that read my blog have been missing my posts - never fear because I have also now added the Blogger App to my iPhone! I am so happy to announce I've been adopted to the iPhone family. I absolutely love it! Do I wish I could find a reasonably cheaper plan? Yes. But, two more years of AT&T here we come.

The pictures I posted are of my girls and I at the Brigham City Temple Open House. It was for a YW activity and in the middle of the day so I was super excited to bring them. I love Young Women's, by the way! I'm an advisor to the Mia Maids and this is one calling I could have forever!