Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Young Women's Inner/Outer Beauty Night!

Tonight was so fun with my Mia Maids! We started off the night reading the story, "The Friend I Could Have Been." I shared with them that no matter how you look what matters is how you treat other people. I then set out and showed them what I do every day for make-up (which is a lot compared to what middle/high schoolers look good doing!). I had prepared ahead of time a "goody bag" of clear lip gloss, blush and eyeshadow (triple color: browbone, crease, lid). I gave one to each of the girls and shared a few beauty tips while they opened it. Then the fun began!

I gave each girl a mini makeover from their mini makeup kit (which is all the makeup they really need) and explained why and how to put on each cosmetic item. I wish I had brought a mirror! But, it was good for each girl to see how I put it on the other girls. After the makeovers we went through a handout I made (I was so surprised I couldn't find anything like this already online so thankfully I have a Photoshop genius for a husband and he helped me piece this together):

After going through the handout I demonstrated each hairstyle on every girl. They then had the chance to try it on themselves and each other. I reminded them that I had been doing this for a long time and still had to practice, practice, practice while watching movies, with friends, on my children, everywhere. Doing hair/braids is a lot like riding a bike, once you learn it you don't have to re-learn it (or it's super fast the next time). I also told them to look up tutorials on YouTube and that I can show them again if they have questions. After the hair tutorials we talked about the importance of not comparing ourselves to others and to be grateful for each of our own individual worth and beauty. Overall, it was a really fun night and it gave me an opportunity to get to know each of the young women better. I think basic beauty tips are really useful for young women especially when some of their friends are already wearing too much makeup.

Refreshments (which we ate while we watched the makeup/hair demonstrations): A simple fruit salad (cantaloupe, green & red grapes, and strawberries) and water.