Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy Birthday, Lily & Lucie!

February 21, 2011
8:11 am
52 seconds apart

Lucie Nicole
6 lbs 13 oz
19 inches

Lily Michele
7 lbs 0 oz
19 inches

We named them after our mothers, Lucie (Michael's Mom) & Michele (My Mom) as well as both Michael and I have sisters with Nicole their middle name, Laura & Brook. We feel so blessed that they came so safely. My biggest prayer was that they would be able to come home from the hospital with me and they did! We have the best family and are loving getting to know our beautiful girls!

Lily & Lucie were born on Michael's brother, Grant's, birthday. He entered the MTC two days later, I say, that was a close call, we're so happy he got to meet them before he left.


The Duckworth Family said...

They are just adorable and you are so lucky to have them! Enjoy every second of it! love you guys

Natalie said...

I HEARD THEY WERE HERE!!! Congrats.. 14 lbs of baby! I hope you are doing well, they are beautiful.