Tuesday, August 27, 2013

"I'm Super Lucie...Let Me Zoom!"

(photography by: Jena Marie Christensen)
It wasn't quite bedtime after we finished baths, lotion, and jammies this evening for the girls so I thought it would be fun to play out on our front lawn for a few minutes to get all our extra wiggles and giggles out. Chelsea walked out first and was so proud she "listened first time." Lucie saw that she was carrying two toy fairies in her hand and wanted to bring "just one toy" out with her. So, she went inside and grabbed a stuffed toy monkey that can velcro his hands around your neck. I offered to help Lucie get him attached, but she said she could do it herself and she did. Lily came out with Daddy and was happy to run up and down the hill singing at the top of her lungs, no toy needed. Anyway. Michael and I took the girls around back to see our growing garden, which isn't as successful as last year due to pregnancy (lack of attention); however, we have some pumpkins growing! Which we are all really excited about. After taking a few minutes to examine our masterpiece we started heading back to the front yard. I grabbed Lucie and Lily's hands in order to guide them to the front yard. After a few seconds Lily ran ahead but Lucie was still struggling to come so I kept holding her hand. After another moment or two (picture Lucie with a stuffed monkey attached around the back of her neck) Lucie exclaimed emphatically, "Mom, I'm SUPER LUCIE, Let Me Zoom!" I dropped her hand so quick (laughing hysterically) and let her zoom and zoom she did. (There are so many things I am taking home from that statement as her mother: need for independence and confidence from me among them! I love you, Lucie!)

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