Tuesday, August 6, 2013


What a fun day! We woke up and got ready early so we could drive my sweetheart to work just in case we needed the car AND it turns out we did...to go to the park! We have an elementary school close to our home that has the perfect playground for our girls; complete with tunnel slides, tunnels, bumpy slides, bridges, you name it! It is by far my favorite playground in Bountiful. We had a blast! On our way home we noticed some water activities going on at our church across from our house and I had forgotten today was Primary Water Party Day (my girls were sick last Sunday so I missed the reminder)! So we hurried inside, put on swimsuits and had ourselves a splash-filled time, complete with popsicles! I love my ward so much. Seriously, some of the dearest people you will ever meet! And such good kids and friends for my girls, they love to go to nursery and primary to play with their friends. After that we had ourselves some PB&Honey sandwiches, grapes, and milk for lunch and I put the girls down for naps. I was ready to relax for a few minutes when I noticed the twins playing in their room, I thought to let them play for a minute to see if they would settle down... BAD IDEA! After a minute or so I went to check on them and as I got closer to their room I could smell something rank. Not only was this awful smell all over the carpet, beds, blankets and toys, but they had managed to paint a masterpiece on the wall x 2. They were having a ball! So I put them in the bath while I tried to clean up a little bit, wash their blankets, etc. Needless to say, we are getting closer to being completely potty-trained, but not quite there yet (if we survive potty-training twins, I'm pretty sure my husband will take me to France). The girls got settled after their bath and had a nap and I then took a nap, grateful to have that behind us and also grateful my husband had come home for lunch who helped immensely.

Tonight I had a sweet experience while sharing with my girls one of my favorite meals (Potato Soup) and Chelsea helping me do the dishes. Somehow having these girls want to be like their mother helps me want to always be my best self. While the dinner was cooking Chelsea stood on a little stool next to me and washed everything she could easily put her hands on and stayed helping until the dishwasher was loaded and started, she even got to press the button (her favorite part). And then after I made the dinner, it was so sweet to see these girls eating and enjoying a food that I love so much! It made me think how important it is to share my traditions and loves with my children, as well as sharing experiences, like doing the dishes, with them. Although it was such a simple task and usually mundane, having Chelsea help me today made it so worth while and enjoyable.

Chelsea: "Highest Tower" Lego Champion

Lucie: "Special Headband" Champion

Lily: "Super Hugs & Kisses" Champion

Jenny: "Found the perfect curtains for my kitchen" Champion

Michael: "Plays the guitar & sings like a maniac" Champion *swoon*

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