Sunday, July 19, 2009

Jenny's 21st Birthday!

Thank you to everyone who celebrated my 21st birthday!  Michael hosted a barbecue for me that evening  (with both sides of our family)--we had over 30 people there.  I love all the baby stuff, maternity clothes, baby toys, and more . . . Thank you!!  

Michael surprised me on Saturday morning with an early birthday present . . . A Canvas Picture of a Mother and Baby Giraffe for our Nursery!  He created the picture himself--amazing!!  I am so blessed to have Michael in my life; I love him so much.  After that he took me to IHOP for breakfast-DELICIOUS-and that night we went to Hollywood Connection where we ate dinner, saw Night at the Museum 2, played miniature golf and shared a brownie sundae!  It was my best birthday ever!!

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